The ‘Social Intrusion’ in YKK London Showroom.


From the beginning of October, Megan Evans, the winner of the Graduate Fashion Week YKK Accessories Award is displaying her collection in our Showroom in Shoreditch.

‘Welcome to my Wonderland’ was the concept for Megan’s research. The Welsh, womenswear designer graduated this year from the University of South Wales with a first class honours degree in fashion design. Her graduate collection ‘Social Intrusion’ is youthful, modern and bursting with vibrant colours.

lookbook 1.jpg

The young designer wanted to create a collection that represents her personally as a designer. ‘Social Intrusion puts you on a visible platform in fashion.’ – says Evans – ‘My collection represents my sense of style in two forms. My sporting influence looks at elements in rock climbing to see if we can change the norms in fastenings – bringing a sports lux edge to how we fasten our jacket or accessories.’ Being around the sporting world all of her life has become a big part of her personality and style. That sporting edge is something Evans brings to designing and styling.
‘The second part of my collection is my strong belief in girl power and dressing for you. With today’s day and age being so wrapped up in social media, it is hard to pull yourself away from the craze and become your own person. By combining all of this with vibrant colours it can put you on a visible platform in fashion.’

M.E Fashion Shoot - J.B Edit-35 copy.jpg

Evans’s art is vivid and colourful – the graphic make-up on the faces in her illustrations are camouflage, the weird and wonderful side that we all have, but might hide to blend in with what we think is socially acceptable. ‘Instead of hiding who you are, express that through your clothes. Social Intrusion has no restrictions’ says the designer.

The exhibition of 3 backpacks and 3 outfits: dress, jumpsuit and coat will be on display in the YKK Showroom until the end of this year.


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