Award winning Chinese designer brings innovative works to YKK London Showroom


‘Nopresent’, the latest collection from Chinese concept designer, Yang Wang, is on show at our Showroom from 21st November till 12th January.

Three pieces of Wang’s ‘Nopresent’ collection, Illusory Veil, The Trip and Deep Geosphere, showing the designer’s creative visions and ability to mix materials to represent key themes.


‘Illusory Veil’ is inspired by technological innovation and the link between artificial and natural forms, specifically the natural form of the human body. A wearable object representing the human body is created with temperature sensitive material, reflecting the body’s respiratory system. The design is intended to break the boundaries between industrial objects and mankind.


‘The Trip’ connects the future with nature, represented through the YKK VISLON® Flat zipper, acting as the connecting piece in the product, intended to be the messenger to open the future. The materials of the piece include wood, extended aluminum, and the wood returned to its original carbon form, advocating the link between future and nature.

Yang WANG-Deep Groshphere-01

Varying shapes in the ‘Deep Geosphere’ piece are inspired by hallucination, exploring the relationship between imagination and reality.  It attempts to explain the way humankind is trying to explore and face the unknown future.

Graduating with an MA in fashion artefact from the London College of Fashion, Wang produces creative collections, exploring culture and researching the link between philosophy and ideology of art. Wang is also a notable designer of jewellery and accessories in the Chinese fashion industry and was instrumental in designing the VIP brochure for the Christian Dior Spring 2009 Haute Couture Fashion Show in Shanghai.

Wang’s collections are internationally award winning, previously winning an Excellence Award at the China-Korea Fashion Art Exhibition in 2010 and International Talent Support in the Samsung Galaxy Awards in 2015. Collections have also been exhibited as part of China Design Week.


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