New year, new window display

Last Thursday evening, the YKK London Showroom opened its doors once again for the unveiling of another incredible window display.  As the accordion played, prosecco flowed and fashion students and designers alike gathered at our hub in Shoreditch, Eelko Moorer revealed his work…


Eelko Moorer

Throughout his career, Moorer’s work has been widely exhibited at locations such as the Fashion Institute of Technology New York, Saatchi Gallery London and with the British Council and Design Museum London.  He has received commissions from companies, galleries and individuals from around the world and his bespoke designs have appeared on catwalks, in films and in other industrial locations.


His “Peep Show: Vessels” window display at our Showroom in Shoreditch displays a variety of vases that defy conventional connotations of fantasy and fiction; encouraging passers-by to stop and stare! Reminiscent of a “Peep Show” erotica theme, his creations are also inspired by pulp fiction. Every object Moorer has created for this window display contains an ambiguous fetishized body part presented as a vessel. He drew on childhood experiences in Holland; being intrigued by the red light districts as hidden, yet well known, locations in cities.


When asked why he wanted to collaborate with YKK and particularly with Kei Kagami, Europe Ltd Ambassador and exhibition curator, Moorer said “The YKK Showroom is such a beautifully designed space with large windows as a feature that have so much potential to do something interesting with. Besides that Kei’s charm and heart makes you want to work with him. And last, as a company, I admire YKK’s continuous support for young creatives be it through supporting competitions or providing places to show their work”. Moorer is currently living and working in London and is course leader for MA Footwear at the London College of Fashion.

Kagami said “I’ve known Eelko’s work for a long time as our work was often presented together in public. For over 10 years, I have appreciated him as a craftsman and designer with a certain attitude for creation. I consider him a genuine creator with no boundaries between thinking and making. For as long as the Showroom has been open, I have been keen to present his fine art at the window. After two years, I’m delighted that this has happened! ”

We are delighted to welcome Moorer as the first window display in 2018. Please keep reading our blogs to find out what else we have coming up this year…


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