Fashion and Music Intertwined. Morcheeba – Skye Edwards at YKK London Showroom

British trip-hop band Morcheeba are currently touring the world, from topping festival bills in Brazil, to touring theaters across Australia and debuting their sound in Cape Town and Casablanca. On May 31st 2018, the band will be returning to home soil, hosting a playback of their album Blaze Away at our Showroom in Shoreditch.


Skye Edwards, the lead vocalist of Morcheeba, is a London College of Fashion graduate and a passionate designer – she makes all of her stage outfits. The YKK London Showroom team met Skye in October 2017 at the Showroom’s launch event for the window display, curated by shoes designer Carolin Holzuber.


At the Holzuber event, YKK’s Vislon® Crystal zip caught Skye’s eye and she asked where she could “get her hands on one of those fabulous zips!” YKK’s PR Executive, Anna Stefaniak had the idea of a collaboration. Subsequent visits to the showroom have been just as inspiring, with Skye choosing among others some bright red Excella® Light zippers that fit perfectly with the fiery colour scheme of her tour wardrobe.

More often than not, inspiration for her outfits comes first from the fabric, this jumpstarts her idea for the design, theme and style. Skye says: “I’ll be in a shop for ages, exploring and touching everything. The shop assistant will ask, ‘can I help you, what is it that you’re making?’ I’ll reply, ‘I’m thinking about making a dress’. They ask ‘what kind of dress?’ to which I have to confess “I don’t know until I find the fabric… and I don’t know what the fabric is until I see it.”


Between composing melodies, lyrics, and recording, Skye says you can find her in her sewing room at home “It’s my workshop, or rather my woman cave,” says the singer, “It’s where I make most of my outfits, also where I record the vocals for Morcheeba and my solo albums. I feel really relaxed in there.”

In an exciting first for Skye, a couple of her self-designed garments featuring YKK zippers will also be displayed around the showroom, in a union of creativity, fashion and music. “It’s going to be a great night celebrating the new Blaze Away album the day before it’s release on June 1st” says Skye. “It’s also the 20 year anniversary of our Big Calm album, so lots of corks will be popping to mark the occasion!”


The YKK London Showroom will be hosting an intimate night in May for Morcheeba to showcase the band’s joyful, positivity-packed new album to industry professionals, the day before the albums official release on June 1st.


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