Personalised Prifa® Printed Zipper

PRIFA_copyright (1).jpg

Personalisation is set to be huge trend across the fashion industry in 2020, which will see brands delivering a more tailored customer experience.

Digitalisation has enabled the fashion industry to expand and evolve quickly, bringing new technology and innovative design processes. YKK Digital technology enables buyers to design every detail of the zipper, creating fashion excellence in an innovative and modern way.

YKK Prifa® is a zipper with colourful inkjet printed on the tape or/and elements, which can be personalised by using logos, patterns, and gradations, to ensure that even the smallest detail of a garment reflects the brand’s vision. Prifa® enables creativity in luxury luggage and garment design. Fashion designers can create their own individual designs using any design software, bringing originality to their design.

YKK’s Prifa® customisable zipper can be incorporated into a number applications and designed items, including luggage, jackets, sport wear, casual wear clothing and shoes.

Prifa® zipper will be showcased at various exhibitions throughout 2019, including Première Vision in Paris and Lineapelle in Milan.

The choice of fastening product has the potential to enhance to any accessory or garment, adding creativity to a piece. YKK continues to innovate new technology and collections to serve the global fashion industry.


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