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This month YKK London Showroom celebrates the work of British artist and activist, PINS, with his collection ‘Zippy Lippy’ on show 8th April – 17th May.

Through his fine art, PINS raises awareness on topics that matter, including equality, diversity and addiction, paving the way to spark positive change and make an impact through fine art. In a fast-paced, tech-driven world, PINS emphasises depth and connection in his desire to affect positive social change, in a somewhat superficial world.

Last year, PINS first collaborated with the YKK London Showroom when the Showroom commissioned him to produce some artwork for the shutters of the Shoreditch based Showroom. You can read more about the project on PINS’ blog here.

PINS was introduced to the YKK London Showroom by Showroom Coordinator, Katie Doherty, “I used to work in a haberdashery store in Soho called Kleins and PINS came into the store to buy some safety pins of course! We were out of stock, so I ordered some more and emailed him to come and collect them when they arrived. He was impressed by the level of customer service, so invited me to his exhibition in the area.  I went and we became friends after that.  He is a very talented artist and being a creative myself, I respected what he is trying to achieve through his work and think it is important to encourage creativeness wherever and whenever one can, hence the reason I have been a PINS-supporter ever since.

“It is always good to be open and go to events, as you never know what will happen after you do. I thought of PINS as the perfect person to come and paint the shutters of the YKK London Showroom when we were asked to find someone for the job and now I am excited to see what his installation will be like.”

With an extensive creative background spanning 10 years, including a BA Hons. in Fashion with Business, PINS has explored various application techniques in his work including hand-painting, graphic design, and spray can art. In his latest installation at the YKK London Showroom, PINS explores the theme of mental health through fine art, underpinning the notion that we need to wake up and become ‘unzipped’ to wider issues and societal concerns.

PINS_ZIP PRINT sample 3_copy.jpg

PINS has creatively recaptured the YKK zipper in his collection, intertwining his themes with the functional object, illustrating his philosophy – unzipping the consciousness of mass-consumerism, obsession and surface popular culture. YKK zips are the connecting theme in the collection that bonds PINS’ artwork with his interpretation of distorted society.

PINS explains, “The need to unzip and speak about things is often neglected, so to share artworks which can hopefully ignite meaningful conversation in a somewhat superficial world, is something I’m passionate about”.

The Zippy Lippy installation includes a diverse range of making methods; sculpture, typography, textile, canvas and zips. YKK zips act as the ‘connecting’ theme in the collection. PINS joins hand-printed YKK Prifa(R)  zippers and hand-stitched and painted YKK zipper material to highlight his overall metaphor that addresses mental health to raise awareness, an issue that society frequently overlooks.

PINS_ZIP PRINT final sample_copy.jpg

For PINS, people in society are becoming more “other”, living other people’s lives and idolising how they live, what they have. He uses the example of Instagram and how everyone can look in on other people’s lives, but only at face value – it’s a distortion of what’s real, an act and a portrayal of what they want to be and how they want to be seen. He explains that this routine can be destructive and causes individuals to have anxiety and communicate less in the outside world. One of his pieces, which will be on show at the YKK London showroom, that portrays this concept is his ‘No Face Like Phone’ canvas, as featured in the Telegraph and named one of Top 5 London art shows by FAD Magazine. This piece highlights the issue of so-called nomophobia (no-mobile-phone phobia), representing the adoration and growing addiction to smartphones, diminishing meaningful connection between individuals.

PINS’ ‘Zippy Lippy’ installation is on display at the YKK London Showroom, 8th April – 17th May. The YKK London Showroom is committed to supporting the UK fashion industry and displaying talent. For more information follow PINS on Instagram @pins_artist and keep up to date with his latest projects


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