Privacy Policy

As you get in touch with YKK Europe, (“We”, “Us”, “Our”), you will probably be submitting personal information about yourself (and potentially others). Please do not include any information you do not want Us to use in relation to your communication or to retain or for which you do not have permission to reveal. We will use this information to reply to you in relation to the subject matter of your communication which may involve Us passing some or all of that information to other companies within the YKK group or relevant third parties (such as our insurers or professional advisors etc.), some of whom are not in the EU. We will keep a record of your correspondence for as long as We deem is necessary for the protection of Our legitimate interests which will vary in accordance with the subject matter of your communication or for as long as we may be legally required.

You may request to see what information We hold about you and that We delete or amend your personal details by contacting Us through this website. Requests for the deletion of your personal data will be deleted after We have confirmed to you that We no longer have any record of your communication (other than the request for deletion). If you wish to complain about the manner in which We process your personal information, please use the form on this website, and if you think We have not satisfied your complaint, please contact the supervisory authority of the EU member state within which you are resident or that of the UK.

This website is owned by YKK Europe Limited, 7th Floor, Longbow House, 14-20 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4TW, U.K. (Registered Office), registered in England & Wales No.: 2476027 at Companies House, Cardiff.