YKK London Showroom Stock

Within our specially selected Excella stock range, we hold premium element shapes, sizes, and finishes. Choose your desired pull-tab shape to suit your design.

What Is Excella®?

EXCELLA® zipper is the highest grade metal zipper with fully polished elements creating a luxury appearance to clothes or handbags. There are two types of element shapes, a single element and a luxury double element. 

Top 3 features of Excella®:
1.Luxury polish
Each polished tooth gives a shiny, beautiful appearance to the zipper.

2.High corrosion resistance
Special anti-corrosion treatment prevents discoloration of the metal surface.

3.Smooth metal surface
Fully polished teeth feel smooth to the touch.

How do I know which type of Excella® is right for me?​

Asymmetrical Vs Symmetrical Element

There are two types of element shapes, SG reflects the common ‘single’ type, where the elements sit asymmetrically along the tape similar to as found with a standard metal zipper, SGW is a luxury ‘double’ element giving a symmetrical shape creating optimum smoothness of the sliders on the chain.

Asymmetrical Single Element (SG)
Symmetrical Double Element (SGW)

Choosing which function is right for your product​

In the Showroom we stock 3 types of functions in our Excella® range; Closed-end (C), Open-end (OR), and Two-Way Open-end (MR).