Our Autumn/ Winter 2021 Collection in Digital Showcase is Ready

We will be showcasing our autumn / winter 2021 collection at this year’s Lineapelle – A new Point of View, taking pace 22-23 September 2020. Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, YKK is launching a digital collection featuring an interactive video which will give customers, particularly those who are currently facing travel restrictions or are unable to attend physical meetings, access to its vast portfolio and the opportunity to get as close to the products as possible. The format has been devised to facilitate a deeper understanding of the collection and its new aspects and innovations. Our customers will receive an exclusive invitation to view the range and will be able to digitally book a meeting with our team of sales representatives or request product samples.

Among this year’s sustainable product highlights is Natulon®, a range of resource-conserving, recycling-oriented zippers made from PET bottles, old fibre and other polyester remnants. They are the result of a double-layered development system offering both chemical and material recycling options. The innovative materials and manufacturing processes used to create these zippers reduce the impact on the environment significantly through lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as less use of crude oil and production of industrial waste.

The Natulon® Material Recycled Tape is the solution for customers who are looking to increase the recycled content of their products. Meanwhile, the Natulon® Chemically Recycled tape goes further and is perpetually recyclable due to the chemical process that brings the polyester back to its original molecular structure. As a result, the chemically recycled material retains the very same properties as the virgin material.

Finally, GreenRise® is a YKK development that makes use of plant-based materials whose raw component is molasses, a by-product in the manufacturing of sugar, reducing petroleum usage and associated COemissions.

To find our more about our latest collection, you can click here.