Excella® Stock Guide

What is Excella®?

Excella® zipper is our highest grade metal zipper with fully polished elements creating a luxury appearance for apparel and accessories.

Excella® is available with a standard asymmetrical element (SG) or a luxury symmetrical element (SGW).

There are two types of element shapes, a single element and a luxury double element. 

Excella®’s Top 3 Features:
1. Luxurious Finishing
Each polished element gives a shiny, beautiful appearance to the zipper using precious metals.

2. High Corrosion Resistance
Special anti-corrosion treatment prevents discolouration of the metal surface.

3. Smooth metal surface
Elements feel smooth to the touch, resulting in a smooth opening.

How do I know which type of Excella® is right for me?

Asymmetrical Vs Symmetrical Element

There are two types of element shapes, SG reflects the common ‘single’ type, where the elements sit asymmetrically along the tape similar to as found with a standard metal zipper, SGW is a luxury ‘double’ element giving a symmetrical shape creating optimum smoothness of the sliders on the chain.

Asymmetrical Single Element (SG)
Symmetrical Double Element (SGW)

Choosing which function is right for your product

Closed-end (C)
Open-end (OR)
Two-way Open-end (MR)

In the Showroom we stock 3 types of functions in our Excella® range;
Closed-end (C), Open-end (OR), and Two-Way Open-end (MR).

A closed-end function has a closed bottom of the zipper and is typically used in trousers, dresses, and bags where no separation is needed.

An Open-ended function is required when you have a jacket or item of clothing that needs to separate at the bottom to get into the garment.

A Two-way open-ended function is the same as open-end but with two sliders, so the jacket can be opened from the top and the bottom. It still needs to be opened at the bottom lining up both sliders, this is normally used in longer coats, where you may need to open the bottom to get into a vehicle or ride a bike for example.

Excella® Finishes

In the Showroom we stock 5 different finishes; Gold (OUA), Silver (C5), Gunmetal (TCA), Matte Black (X6), and Antique Brass (I).

Excella® Sizes

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